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Shelly GardnerI'm Shelly Gardner, Independent Designer #25898. My favorite part of working with Origami Owl is being able to help others create lockets that tell their story. I am blessed to work with a wonderful group of women on my team. More about me.

Origami Owl Hostess Exclusive

Origami Owl Hostess Exclusive for October-Decembers

The Hostess Exclusive for the months of October-December was just released and you are going to love it!

For hosting a party, you will have exclusive access to either purchase -or- earn FREE this stunning Suede wrap bracelet with crystals by Swarovski. These items will not be available to the general public and can only be ordered for our amazing hostesses!

In order to qualify for a party, there must be $125 in retail sales and have four (4) guest orders (one could be a hostess order). And the best part? All hostess rewards are transferable to online parties as well!. So if your calendar is super busy this Fall, let’s plan for an Online or catalog party!

If you would like to book a party (either in-house or an Online party), please contact me and I would love to get you on my calendar!

Origami Owl CORE Bangle Bracelets

Origami Owl Gold and Silver Bracelets

In the new Fall 2014 collection, Origami Owl released a new product line called CORE. This newest collection is meant to describe and reflect on who you are, down to your core.

They created pieces that you can add to either a bangle bracelet or to a chain and includes silver initials, zodiac signs, and affirmation notes and bands. Also included are what they call Mementos and are pieces that are used to attract all good things to you.

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