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Shelly GardnerI'm Shelly Gardner, Independent Designer #25898. My favorite part of working with Origami Owl is being able to help others create lockets that tell their story. I am blessed to work with a wonderful group of women on my team. More about me.

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Talking about Origami Owl is one of my most favorite things to do. You know that feeling when you find a great sale, or come across a new restaurant that you love so much that you want to share with everyone that you know? Well, that is me with Origami Owl. I really want everyone to know how much I have loved being a part of Origami Owl and I want that for you too! I want you to be able to see what a great experience it has been for me, and why you should really think about joining me!

I began with Origami Owl about two years ago and I joined simply by seeing pictures of the Origami Owl lockets on a friends Facebook page. That is all it took. I fell in love with the concept, the range of possibility with the product and I knew that this wouldn’t be a product that I would have to “sell”, per se, but to “share” as I know that once others saw what I did, they would want it just as bad as I did!

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Origami Owl Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Origami Owl Valentine's Day The Girlfriend Locket

Origami Owl has made it easy to shop for your loved one this year! Available online, you can purchase one of the six locket creations that Origami Owl has put together for that special someone.

Above is the stunning rose gold bracelet that is available in both 7″ and 8″ lengths. It comes with everything that you see in the picture, including the Swarovski crystal earrings!

Origami Owl Valentine's Day Mother and Daughter Locket

This next gift idea comes in a necklace/bracelet combination. The Large Heart locket comes with the 32″ Deco chain and the matching Deco bracelet comes with the mini locket. This gift package is perfect for a Mother and Daughter!

Origami Owl Valentine's Day Better Half Locket

The above picture is our new gold Heritage locket with crystals with the 32″ gold flat oval chain. All the charms and the heart plate are included in this gift collection.

Origami Owl Valentine's Day Classic Beauty Locket

The above is the new Medium Heart Locket and it comes with the adjustable 16-18″ heart chain in silver, along with the charms you see in the picture. Such a perfect way to show her that you love her!
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Origami Owl Rose Gold Valentine’s Day Locket

Origami Owl Rose Gold Valentine's Day Locket

Origami Owl has released a new 2015 Valentine’s Day collection and you will love it! Pictured here is the Large Rose Gold Locket Face and Base along with two of the new Valentine’s Day items.

Inside this Large Locket, you will find the new “Love is Patient. Love is Kind” window frame that can fit in any Large Locket or attached to any leather wrap bracelet. Also included in this locket is the new #Love charm along with the silver wedding ring charm. What a perfect look for Valentine’s Day!
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Origami Owl Personalized Plates and Lockets

Origami Owl Inscriptions

You now have the amazing ability to tell your story and capture those special moments by customizing select pieces of Origami Owl jewelry. You can keep his initials close to your heart, remember special dates, and offer a personalized greeting like no other!

Origami Owl has released a new In{script}ions Line where you can personalize Medium and Large sized Plates in addition to the Large Locket bases. They will have different font styles available and you will be able to see a picture of what your personalization is going to look like. Amazing, huh? This new line will be available as of February 17, 2015.

Origami Owl Capture Memories

Origami Owl is anticipating a 7-day turnaround time on all inscriptions. The cost for a Medium Sized Plate with personalization is $12, a Large Plate with personalization is $14 and the Locket base with personalization will be $22-$26.

Stay tuned for additional information as it is released and sign up for my Newsletter or join my Facebook page to receive all Origami Owl updates! You can find my dedicated Origami Owl Facebook page here.

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Origami Owl in Canada

Origami Owl in Canada

Exciting news was released today – – Origami Owl is moving into Canada beginning February 3rd! We are all thrilled about the opportunity to share the Origami Owl love in Canada as so many have inquired about signing up as a Designer, or just be able to purchase our amazing products!

Below will give you some of the information that you need to know about signing up as a new Designer, along with an exciting bonus if you are one of the first 750 Designers to register! All residents of Canada can begin to register as of 8pm EST on February 3rd and can choose one of two available Designer Kits. The Kits will begin to ship on February 17th and all systems will “go live” as of March 16th.
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